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Tuner Tool, Guitar Tuning Made Easy app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 4576 ratings )
Utilities Music
Developer: InQBarna
Current version: 2.6.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 01 Dec 2009
App size: 14.67 Mb

TunerTool is a guitar and string instruments tuning tool. Both experts and beginners can tune their guitar in seconds, and share their riffs with the world.

TunerTool is now integrated with Riffer, the first instant music social network. Tuning and sharing has never been easier.

Tune your guitar in three simple steps:

Once you are tuned, share your riffs with your friends and family with Riffer, the social network for guitarists:

TunerTool supports the following tuning methods: Standard, Drop-D, Drop C, Drop B, Half Step Down, Full Step Down, Open G, Open C, Open D, New Standard, Open E, DAD-GAD, DAD-DAD and Chromatic.

Pros and cons of Tuner Tool, Guitar Tuning Made Easy app for iPhone and iPad

Tuner Tool, Guitar Tuning Made Easy app good for

Funktioniert Super, endlich Gitarre stimmen wann immer man es will.
Great app; even in a noisy environment it picks up the sound.
I was going to buy polytune for $5 good thing I found this first. My guitar sounds great!
Works well except the low E string will not register . Still very handy .
I cant believe I got this app for free! Before the iPhone and apps, I bought a guitar tuner from a music shop for 75 bucks. This app is way better!
I used to be able to tune my guitar by ear but now I cant ,guess Im going tone deaf. Any how ,this is a great app I use it daily.way cool.

Some bad moments

But since the last update its all over the map and inconsistent. You had a good app, not so much anymore. Uninstall.
I had the prior version of this app & it worked very well. Then I was told to update it, which I did, & now it just doesnt work very well at all. It jumps all over the place & is almost impossible to use. The older version was great!
The app was awesome with the old UI, but ever since I upgraded it, I dont understand the new UI. I will be uninstalling it.
Tried it because it had drop d tuning unlike guitar tuna. This app needs a lot of work. Terrible tuner, free is too much to pay for it.
I purchase this app long time ago it was good until the upgrade : then add came true ( frustrated )
I personally thought it was creepy how it was able to see my location down to the street and I want to delete my account but sadly dont know how !!! I am terrified a crazy person will see my address and try to find me or something !

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