Tuner Tool, Guitar Tuning Made Easy App Reviews

89 add



Tolle App.

Funktioniert Super, endlich Gitarre stimmen wann immer man es will.


Find ich cool , funktioniert super



Tuner Tool

funktioniert prima


tut was es soll.

Good App but It Crashs frequently.

I Love the App, but when i Try to Play some records it Crashs. Please update ! Then you get 5* :)

Tuner tool

Great app; even in a noisy environment it picks up the sound.

excellent app

best tuner app ive tried to date


I was going to buy polytune for $5 good thing I found this first. My guitar sounds great!

Best tuner app

Amazing! You cant go wrong with this one.

Tuner works

Works well except the low E string will not register . Still very handy .


Wow! This is a great tuner!


I cant believe I got this app for free! Before the iPhone and apps, I bought a guitar tuner from a music shop for 75 bucks. This app is way better!


Please update to allow for A pitch reference to be set, +/- a few semitones at least. Thx.


I used to be able to tune my guitar by ear but now I cant ,guess Im going tone deaf. Any how ,this is a great app I use it daily.way cool.

Tuner tool

Its awesome, I think next update they should add a fake guitar t hear what the guitar sounds like :).

Thank you!!!

Ive been looking for something as accurate as this for long time! Thanks!


A little raw looking but does the job very well!!! Thank you!!!


***** this is awesome. I was looking for this(easy to operate) for a long time. The best part is, thats FREE

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